17 Modern Minimalist House Designs

17 Modern Minimalist House Designs – In the construction of a House or Architecture, the floor plan is the most important first step for determining the model and the characteristics of a building. Although only a simple minimalist home image of a small size though, but with it, all the development process becomes easier to do and controlled and reviewed. Because to find the best minimalist house shape as desired, sometimes need adjustments and changes. So do not get it when all is done properly, must be re-unloaded for the beauty again just because it is less than perfect. For best results please combine the best home design of your choice with the latest one at this time.

Spatial layout along with the entire interior is a part that must be carefully considered. These 2 things will play an important role in the comfort and width of the narrow space that you have. Modern Minimalist House Design, And usually, the most common problem faced is the determination of the size, which will affect the room and the number of bedrooms, which usually people want a minimalist 3 bedroom house, with 1 main room and 2 children’s room.

Modern Minimalist House Design

Among the two kinds of the minimalist house plan is a modern house plan and a simple house plan. Selection of modern type, probably the best choice, because a modern minimalist house designs is certainly a dream, more elegant and many variations and inspiration to beautify it. In addition, it is more common with a 2-floor minimalist type. As for the simplest type of house, the fortune is cheaper or fewer house ribs, and the base is only one floor 3 bedrooms.

The essence of a simple house plan is to maximally utilize the limited land area. The main goal is to be able to work optimally when he has a lot of space in it, but also must be comfortable to live in. Some examples of a simple 1-floor floor plan of a simple 3-bedroom house in this article might help. But how to make a house plan along with his Budget plan, not a difficult problem for the services of a minimalist home architect,modern minimalist house designs.

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The advantage of hiring the services of a home architect is that you will be helped by better results and take the home rabbit more precisely. Their work will start from taking into account the area of ​​building land which will then be adjusted according to the wishes of the consumers.

Just like when someone wants a simple house plan 1 floor 3 bedrooms for the habitation of a big family, but they do not want a distance separator. Often the right category for this type is house type 65, and there are 3 bedrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen, living room, garage, porch and 2 2 bathrooms along the front and back of the house. When the home architect makes a sketch of type 65 house, not much different from the simple house plan of a modern 1st floor 3 bedrooms he created.

Ideal room size for 1 floor 3 bedroom floor plan that is all 3 m x 3 m. Modern minimalist house designsBut using the type 65 allows you to have more space remaining around 2.5 m x 2 m. The rest of the room can be used for the maid’s room or warehouse. Although actually, this room is not mandatory, to maximize the function in a simple house can be a wise choice.

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