3 Room Home Design Minimalist Concept

3 Room Home Design Minimalist Concept – Today has been sought after by consumers who are in need of a comfortable dwelling for his family. The design of the house with the number of rooms 3 fruit is mainly much appreciated by consumers who have family members of 3 people.

By choosing a house that has more than two rooms, then you can accommodate all family members in the house with adequate and adequate resting places.

In designing a 3 room house, it will be easy if you have a large enough land so you will be flexible in determining the space that will be built on a stretch of land that you have.

However, for those of you who do not have land with a large size, you will have little trouble in sharing the space that will you wake up later.

In this case, the balance and diligence and carefulness that you should rely on in designing this 3 room home design minimalist. Some things such as room pooling, coloring the room and the various efforts you have to do to keep your home beautifully designed and elegant.

Home Design Minimalist

As a concept and type of house that can be designed into a 3 room house
Before continuing on the discussion of samples and drawings 3 room home design minimalist, it’s good if we first know some types of types of homes that many in the interest.

Actually, various types of homes that many in this interest, in general, do not have much difference between one type with another type. What distinguishes it here is the breadth of the house and the concept that is applied to every home.

There are several types of concepts and types of houses that can be designed to house 3 rooms. This concept is a very popular concept and easy to find in our beloved country.

The architecture of the house or architecture is widening so that more and more of the latest house design that is not less in interest. Here are some of the many home concepts found:

1. Minimalist house
Minimalist house is a house that is designed to display a rudimentary architecture with the election of the necessary elements and in simple design possible for elegant results.

This type of house much in demand for beauty and elegance so that not infrequently people make this type of house as a dream home for a happy family residence.

2. Luxury homes
Luxury homes are home designs that feature luxury in its elements. Both are visible from the accent that is selected for the home and facilities that are in the house.

This type of house is usually very large and only owned by people with high social status because the price of this house is set quite high for the bottom.

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3. Simple house
Simple house is a house that is designed with the design as simple as possible without highlighting the slightest luxury. However, even so, there is no reason for this type of house to look elegant.

A simple home design minimalist would be a nice residence if properly designed by a suitable design.

4. Modern house
The modern house is a house designed with many accents accented in modern design. This modern house was born because of technological advances and the development of the science of home design or architecture so that the more advanced times then the design of the house with this concept will also change.

Well, that’s some concept house. From the concept of concept, there are also people who combine one concept with other concepts. For example a minimalist concept with a modern concept that materialized into a modern minimalist home.

In addition to the concept, there are also several types of houses that can be built into a 3-room house that is house type 21, type 36, and type 45. In designing a 3-room house with type 21 and 36 you must be smart to outsmart the room because the land is not too broad.

Examples and drawings of 3 room home design
The design of 3 room house will be a residence that is ideal for you as a family. With the number of rooms that are not too minimal will make your family can rest quietly in their respective rooms.

However, sometimes for certain types and concepts to design this 3 room home you will be faced with various difficulties that are usually caused by the problem of land area.

In overcoming this, you must really design with designs that have been in accordance with the concept and the area of ​​land that you have. As the following cheat sheet has admin present example and drawing 3 room house design minimalist:

Home Design Minimalist

Home Design Minimalist

Home Design Minimalist

From the example above example, in fact, it is only a small part of many examples of 3 room home design minimalist that you can meet in reality. However, at least the example that admin gives at least may be used as an illustration for you who are looking for the idea of 3 room home design minimalist.

There are many admin notes that are difficult to understand or even errors in the Language or any way of writing. For that, for the lack of admin please forgive and the rest may be useful information for you who read it. That is all and thank you

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