7 Tips Minimalist Apartment Style

7 Tips Minimalist Apartment Style – Minimalist equipment plays an important role for many people in the modern era. When stress has become part of the daily routine, it must be a relief to go home in the afternoon. An attractive house not because of its decoration, but because of the perfect blend of comfort and modernity. This is a minimalist style, a style that prioritizes color games, simple lines, as well as functional furniture as well as unsightly. 7 Tips Minimalist Apartment Style, To have an apartment or a house with a minimalist interior there is a guide that should be noted so that our dwelling does not seem too empty or boring. In order for this mission to work, you should look at our tips below.

7 Tips Minimalist Apartment Style

1. Rearrange the room one by one
You like the minimalist style, but the interior of the apartment is inhabited today does not have a minimalist look. You want to change it to your liking. 7 Tips Minimalist Apartment Style. But beware, you can not change everything in no time. If this is forced then the result is chaos and frustration. Rearrange all the rooms in one apartment after another. Which room you want to make first, it’s up to you. To rearrange the room with a minimalist style, you should empty the room first. Then reinsert the large furniture as the center of attention. If you are planning on moving to a new apartment, remember to include large furniture before small furniture.

2. Choose furniture minimalist
Minimalist furniture generally has a firm line with bright and warm colors. This is the character that will help you to bring a minimalist interior in a small room. Bright colors make the room also looks bright and inviting. Furniture like a white, gray, or white bone sofa is very important as a minimalist finish in your apartment. Other furniture should appear in the same color. Currently, the furniture devices that appear in white furnish or other bright colors have been widely available in the market.

3. Only use what really matters
Minimize the use of less important objects, this is also the main character of the minimalist style. But that does not mean decorative elements must be removed. Choose a decoration that really matches the minimalist style, and does not use too much decoration because it will invite dust. Reprint or decorate your walls with new colors or wallpaper. It is important to distinguish between the furniture as part of the minimalist finish. Creating free space is highly recommended and can be used both visually and psychologically. In the emptiness of the imagination manifests itself.

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4. Exempt the floor
Keep the floor of the apartment not covered with carpets or other floor coverings, regardless of the type of flooring material you use. If you still want to use the carpet, choose a bright color carpet. Better still if it is white. An ornamental plant in a pot can be an ornament if you feel the floor looks too plain or empty. The floor should be free of any decoration or accessories to present the perfect minimalist interior style in your apartment.

5. Free decoration on table and other furniture
We tend to put a decoration on the desk drawer. Do not be tempted to do this and free your cabinet or table drawer from any decoration. 7 Tips Minimalist Apartment Style, It is the emptiness that will attract the attention of your guests. For that, keep all surfaces of furniture without decoration free of dust and dirt.

6. Plain walls
Minimalist style is also characterized by a wall with little or no decoration at all. If a plain wall makes you feel lonely, choose one ornament or favorite painting from your collection. To be in harmony with this new interior style, the decoration should be brightly colored and with no harm to the uniformity of the image. Ideally, the color of the wall is also reflected in the color of the furniture. Photo frames or widened painting frames should not be used. Likewise, posters or other trinkets. Enjoy the plain walls and let your mind wander.

7. Store goods and accessories
Emptying the apartment to bring a minimalist style does not mean you have to part with forever with decoration and accessories. You also do not need to throw furniture that does not fit the minimalist style. Simply save it in the warehouse, and re-release it as needed. Only time can tell whether a minimalist style can inspire you, or a style that currently hits in Norway is just a release of boredom. 7 Tips Minimalist Apartment Style, Whatever you feel then, the minimalist style is still worth a try.

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