Design Your Own Home

Design Your Own Home – It is expensive the services of architects to make not everyone willing and able to use this service to design a house. But many of us still require contractors to build houses. Well, the first and foremost thing is to prepare a design drawing of houses that want to be built, whether it is building a house is a contractor or builder services.

If the house you want to build is simple or not too big, it would not hurt you to design your own home without the help of an architect. Because an architect is basically only required by the company class, for apartments, luxury homes, hotel chains, and the like. If just to make a minimalist luxury home though, it does not need to use the services of home architects. You yourself can actually do it yourself by making a simple home plan. Then live with the concept and what you want (number of bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom space, etc) into the paper and then convey to your contractor, contractor, or home-grocer service.

design your own home

Before design your own home, discuss with your family, accommodate the idea to determine the latest home form ideal to build. If it is considered mature enough, then you just decide who wants to apply the house plan earlier, show and pass the latest home design image of your family version to the contractor. They will give input or refine it if it is not appropriate. Because now is also a lot of residential contractors are able to create a new modern house design that is not inferior to the architecture.

Should Hire Home Architect Services
Here are some reasons why you should not use the services of a home architect.

Saves Home Budget
Who does not want to save the budget plan on the house? The answer may not exist. By creating your own latest home form design version you will definitely save millions of dollars, which should be paid to hire the services of an architect. It would be more useful if the budget is used to buy furniture or other necessities later.

Faster and no hassle
Imagine if you had to find the services of an architect to create a house plan, you would have to gather a lot of information for reference. Not to mention later after the match, but the rental price of the architect of the house is expensive and have to find again, and finally just wasting time because it certainly does not you can do at once, right then and there. Why not create your own design, by getting what you want on a piece of paper.

design your own home

Creating the latest home form
You must understand the wishes that how the shape of the house will be, there is no harm what is thought is manually translated itself with a piece of paper or software to create a model of the latest home form in want without the services of architects. If using an architect it is necessary to explain a lot of things your desire for the results accordingly. Because if the design of architect design will not fit as desired, then there will be many revisions that waste time, exhausting, even the house budget that has been provided.

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Tips Early Always Before Starting Design Your Own Home
Set up a digital camera or mobile phone. Encourage the family to walk around looking at the house design in the housing that you think has a nice design. Take a picture of an interesting home on the way. Then there is no harm to stop by the bookstore, looking for references from magazines and tabloids or other related to the design of the house.

How To Make Your Own Own Model Home
After all the reference designs are ready, it is time to start to design your own home. In the village and in the village, there are already many modern houses with the latest designs, and you will agree if they also do not hire the services of architects. Because it does not need special skills in making home plans, and anyone can do it. Except for the corporate class, because for 1 room only will be available in several sheets of paper, for the layman will not be able to translate and read the image.

An arrangement of a house plan that wants to be made depends on the space needed and activity in it. Usually, this takes longer because it needs to do a lot of adjustments and considerations, but this is the earliest ledge to design your own home. House plan is the most vital part because it involves comfort, the interests of all residents and home interior design later. The tip is to have a discussion with family members to make a room design.

This step, the size of the space can be tailored to the needs and the desired. Make a sketch of the land available on the paper and the width of the house you want. Then with the Helpline only input the concept of space, such as 3 x 5 meters for the standard carport home, 3 meters for the bedroom, 1.5 meters of a bathroom, then 3 left also about 1.5 meters to create a backyard. Most importantly just enter the room that needs to be inserted, to find the best. Because in this stage we can not escape from Trial-Error and need to make alignment, the location of space and size. Do not forget about the location of septic tank and pipeline

After all, is enough then specify the position of doors and windows on the sketch made earlier. And the final step is to evaluate the sketch of the latest home model, how about sunlight and air circulation, is it good enough? According to the principle of an energy-efficient home. Or maybe the main bedroom is not big enough? Is there an additional swimming pool, work space, and others? And what about the park ?. Next, bring the homework plan home to someone who may be more understanding or directly to the contractor who will work on it to get better input and suggestions.

design your own home may take a little extra thought, but it will pay off more if your family is already living in it. Do not give up to continue to find the right plan, and hopefully, this article can be encouraging, inspiring and certainly useful.

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