Natural Modern Retro Home Design

Natural Modern Retro Home Design – Today, we will take you to the green suburbs, and enjoy a beautiful house, with its modern retro décor. It’s black facade gives the house a tranquil appearance, with lines that radiate a thick, modern feel. Natural Modern Retro Home Design. Although small, but the space of this house includes a variety of living space, and the whole room is wide open, with windows that extend to the floor, incorporating lots of natural light. In addition, his large backyard and beautiful pool is an interesting spot from this house.

Come with us to enjoy the house in the midst of this nature!

Natural Modern Retro Home Design

Little Red and Black
The black facade gives a very strong first impression, where the red color is it on the door, giving this house a strong personality characteristic. Natural Modern Retro Home Design.

The Red Door
Open the red door, and you will see a very different tone. The white walls make the room spacious and bright, also let the red door become the focus of the whole room.

Because the area of ​​this house is small, the architect integrates the kitchen with the living room, where the application of this open-air style brings the impression of space to be great, and also makes the relationship between residents of houses, to be closer.

Modern Retro Furniture
Architects choose modern retro-style furniture, with beautiful brick walls, creating a unique style. Natural Modern Retro Home Design. And looking closer, every piece of furniture in this house has its own distinctive features and is very smooth.

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Black Kitchen
The kitchen cabinets are black and the white ceramic walls form a beautiful contrast, and the wooden table gives a warm feel.

Filled with Elements
From this point of view, you can see that the house is filled with various elements that are mixed and match to make the house more attractive.

The bedroom also uses the same elements as the other rooms, where brick walls and wood materials are used, can make people feel the power of nature.

The bathroom also uses the same ceramic wall as in the kitchen, and the glass door makes the shower cubicle “breathable”.

The home page features a flower garden that contrasts with the tiled floor pattern. Very interesting.

Terrace with Small Pool
Natural Modern Retro Home Design. The terrace is connected to the indoor and outdoor parts of the house, and a small pond next to it will make one feel comfortable to enjoy the fun on a hot afternoon.

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